PM Stars Bridge Books First-Third Grade Purple: Variety Pack

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ISBN: 9781635027167

Rigy PM Stars Bridge Books: Purple level titles are for Levels 19-20 and targeted towards Second Grade readers. Each title ranges from 84-87 pages. Rigby PM Series titles are meticulously leveled fiction and nonfiction texts. They feature recurring characters and authentic story lines to ignite student interest. Featuring progressive high-frequency words and repetition, they have been selected to build fluency in young readers. Strong illustrations, predictable language, graduated leveling and intriguing topics will help enhance any reading program.

Title List:

  • Hassan's New Friend
  • King of the Birds
  • Pickles and the Very Large Fly
  • The Boy at the Park
  • The Halfway Party
  • Treasure in the Attic

Min GRL: K

Max GRL: L

Fiction / Non-Fiction: Fiction

Language: English

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