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Superman made his heroic debut June 1938 in Action Comics #1 where he rescued Lois Lane from a precarious situation and investigated a corrupt Senator for his newspaper The Planet. Since that publication, comic book appeal has continued to grow in popularity both because of the user-friendly format and because of the appealing content. While the comic world has had a more recent appeal on the big screen, their roots stay true in the written form. Thus, presenting the question: What is the difference between graphic novels and comic books? Although it might seem minute, knowing the difference can help in choosing a format that would work well for individual readers in a classroom.Comic Books VS Graphic Novels

For students who are striving readers either form (comic or graphic novel) could work… depending on his/her ability to recall information. Both graphic novels and comics have the comic strip artwork that help the reader visualize actions instead of having to interpret how the story is moving along. To get your classroom started with a graphic novel collection check out the link below.

Steps To Literacy's Graphic Novel Collection!

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