Maya Lê, Creator of MaiStoryBook, is an elementary school teacher, artist, and curriculum developer. Passionate about equality and diversity in children’s literature, she inspires a new generation of readers through her interactive read aloud YouTube videos, reviews of children’s books on Instagram, book-inspired crafts, and live Community Storytime events.

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Asian Representation

Diverse representation is essential to any bookshelf. Asians are underrepresented in children's books, so it's important to read and share stories with Asian Representation so that more Asian authors and illustrators feel supported enough to write and publish stories that share their own lived experiences and show characters who look like them and that they can connect to culturally.

Body Affirming

Everybody deserves to be represented and affirmed in the media. Creating a positive self-image begins by fostering body positivity and body neutrality at an early age. Start by sharing these read alouds with your littles!


Every child deserves to see themselves in a story, no matter their neurotype. These books serve as windows and mirrors for our littles, and I am grateful neurodivergent representation exists.

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