Social Studies


See how people, past and present, have made an impact in our lives. Through grit and determination these famous men and women were able to achieve their goals and make a lasting impact on today’s society. These updated collections contain newly published informational texts that have a wide range of features including glossaries, fact boxes, picture captions, infographics, lists, maps, timelines, and high-definition photographs.

Civics & Government

America is known for our strong civic values that are essential to our country's democracy. Children should learn the importance of the right to vote, how our government works, and how it relates to them as individuals.

We’ve created essential variety packs that cover the following important topics:

  • Citizenship
  • Government
  • Rights and Rules



We want our students to truly be prepared for life outside of the classroom. Our Economics variety packs provide crucial information for real-life success by helping students identify community helpers, fun jobs and careers, and how to budget for something they really want.

Variety packs are available on the following topics:

  • Jobs and Careers
  • Money Sense
  • Wants, Needs and You



Go beyond simple map studies and give students the high-interest and engaging titles in our variety packs that will prompt them to want to know more about the world they live in. From identifying locations in the neighborhood to diving deep into a country study, we’ve curated the most interesting books that help support any classroom curriculum.

Variety packs are available on the following topics:

  • Around the World
  • Landforms
  • Map and Literacy



Steps to Literacy History collections are available/packaged in variety packs or classroom libraries. Our content specialists holistically approached the major historical eras commonly touched upon in K-5 classrooms.

We’ve included variety packs that include:

  • Diverse Biographies on history’s movers and shakers
  • Informational texts packed with primary and secondary sources
  • Historical fiction/narrative nonfiction that provide essential perspectives to pivotal events.


Informational Texts

Built to explore the world during different times, these curated collections are perfect snapshots of times and places your students have likely never experienced before. From ancient times to turn of the century, there is something interesting for every history class.


Narrative Fiction & Nonfiction

These exciting and harrowing stories show a mix of narrative non-fiction and historical fiction to make the past feel real and invite further discussion about what it was like back then.

Stories of tragedy and brilliance dot these engaging collections.

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