Andrea Burns is an educator, author and SEL Literacy Specialist. Her collections are built to get important books into the hands of children who need them the most.

Bookish Burns'
Anxiety Library

Children may feel anxiety about a lot of different things as they grow up. From making new friends to starting the first day of school, these titles help face those anxieties head on.

Bookish Burns'
Grief Library

Grief can be a hard emotion for children to confront for the first time. From losing a pet to a loved one, these titles help children who are having a hard time accepting and understanding why this happens.

Bookish Burns'
Mixed Feelings Library

It's hard to explain to a child that they can feel both happy and sad about something at the same time. These titles help a child through mixed emotions and why they're experiencing them.

You can find more from Andrea @Bookishburnsss on Instagram

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