Book Bins

Our exclusive plastic storage bins are a teacher favorite and have been designed to meet the various needs of your classroom. They have a high back to prevent books from slipping out and are longer to allow for larger books or folders! Available in 7 colors.

& Cover Up Tape

Self-adhesive white tape is ideal for covering parts of a paragraph, correcting errors in journals, or for use in interactive writing lessons. Each of the 2 widths is packaged in rolls of 700 inches.

Phonics Kits

Looking for Phonics Materials? Let us help you customize a Phonics Kit.

Choose from a range of materials including:

Alphabet Student Match Cards

Magnetic Letters

Double-sided magnetic Dry Erase Boards

Wikki Stix and more!


Water repellent bags, made of a plastic/nylon/pvc blend, are perfect for taking home books, journals, or homework. Each bag features a Velcro closure, name tag holder and an elastic handle to stretch over the back of each student's chair for easy storage. Washable and 1 year endurance guarantee.

Reading Journals

Enhance student comprehension of literature in a meaningful way with our exclusive Fiction & Nonfiction Reading Journals. Through the use of helpful prompts, students are encouraged to provide thoughtful responses to text. Fiction Journals emphasize creative thinking for after reading responses while Nonfiction Journals provide an inquisitive format to stimulate readers before, during and after reading. Intended for use in grades 1-4. Journals are 47 pages (space for 23 entries). Sold in sets of 10.

Desktop Word Walls

Teachers continue to praise this invaluable learning tool as one of the "best student resources" they can provide in their classrooms. Designed to complement your Word Wall or provide a stand-alone desktop reference for students, each Desktop Word Wall is printed on coated card stock and available in four different formats to match students' developmental levels. Each set contains a different collection of high frequency and linking words in addition to number lines, frequently used reference words such as days of the week, months and number words. Cards measure 18" X 5" to fit neatly at the top of each child's desk.

Teaching Charts & Cards

Give your students the practice they need learning the alphabet, word chunks, vowels, rimes, and more!


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