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Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Steps to Literacy’s NGSS collections were methodically curated to support a K-5 curriculum and align with each substandard. The collections utilize vocabulary, visuals, and high interest topics, acting as building blocks for students as they progress through each grade. We've included grade-level specific engineering design collections to support the 3-dimensional approach to learning.

Life Science

A child's first observations of science in action is the world around them. The weather, bugs, and even our pets are opportunities to understand that science is everywhere. Biology, botany, and zoology are just the beginning of the disciplines these collections explore.

Physical Science

From the ground beneath our feet to the stars in the sky, the physical sciences cover a wide range of topics. These curated collections will help a student start their journey through disciplines like astronomy, chemistry, and geology by helping them find answers to questions while hoping they'll want to continue to dig deeper.

STEAM Collections

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

These are the building blocks of learning and your students deserve collections that not just help them learn, but help them thrive.

Take a look at these new collections that explore the things kids love to learn about.

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