About the Steps to Literacy Team

Steps to Literacy® is a family founded company comprised of a team of people who are passionate about books and dedicated to literacy. We care deeply about the impact our book selections and classroom library materials have on schools, teachers, and students.

Amanda is our Director of Product Development & Strategic Sourcing who became a mom for the first-time last year and has a wonderful son, Colin. She is an educator, self-proclaimed book and data nerd, loves finding new series to binge-watch, and enjoys hiking and the outdoors with her husband. 


Marcia Wyre is the Director of Operations and can often be found solving any number of issues before they're issues. She has a love of all things Caribbean, from the food to the music, and has been working on her fitness regime so she can tackle her first Tough Mudder and eventually take on the Spartan. At work she is no nonsense - at home, she is surrounded by adorable puppy nonsense.

Amanda is the Content Coordinator and an Educator on our Content Team. She graduated Wilkes University with a Masters in Early Childhood Literacy, holds Bachelors in Early Childhood & Elementary Education, and taught PreK-5th. She creates and maintains our collections and custom content and is passionate about getting books into the hands of children of all ages. She is mom to two littles, Paul and Natalina, and also enjoys cheering on the New York Rangers! 

Patrick is an educator on our Content Team, creating and maintaining collections and custom content.  When he is not doing that, he is usually messing with a computer, creating with his 3d printer, reading, gaming, or spending time with his wife and cats. 

Katie, an educator, is one of the newest additions to Steps, working on our Content Team to create and maintain our classroom libraries and book collections. She gets this, and her mom duties done, only through a copious amount of coffee.

Marquis Gordon is the Lead Account Manager, responsible for making sure the Sales Dept and Sales Reps meet the needs of our customers. He loves traveling and spending as much time with his family as possible (when it's not Football season)



Tolu is the Jr. Account Manager, here to assist and support the needs of our customers. She appreciates time spent by herself and is constantly on the lookout for new hobbies and interests to pursue. Her current favorite leisure activity is playing The Sims 4.


BriAnna Lewis is on the Sales Support Team where she assists with quotes, order inquiries, and customer service.  She has a passion for cooking, interior design, and writing. In her free time she loves to rest and recharge for whatever is next to come with a mantra of Peace and Love, which as she says, "It may sound cliche', but I promise it makes a difference."

Alyssa Torpey is a book nerd on target to read over 200 books this year. As the Strategic Sourcing & Operations Specialist, she works across departments to get books in on time so they can reach fellow books nerds. When she is not reading, she is spending her time with her niece and nephews.  


Sandra is our Scheduling Assistant and also a Customer Service Rep. She can be found juggling orders or answering phones. Also a full time Mommy to her son Noah, who can be found playing with Steps magnets & dry erase boards.


James Hatton is Steps Customer Experience Lead, making certain broken things get fixed and Steps is always considering how it appears to the customers.  At home, he loves mind-bending, games, books, and movies with his wife. If you ask him about his cat, settle in.. he has pictures.

Michael is responsible for answering phones and writing emails, answering questions and keeping our customers happy. He enjoys going to the city, optimistically watching the Mets, Jets, and Nets, and lifting weights with a fantasy novel in hand or anime on television. Unofficially, he is the Goku of customer service.  


Lindsay is our Graphic Designer. She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Advertising. She currently lives in Staten Island New York, and when she isn't making magic behind the screen, she is working on hand lettering, calligraphy, and acting as a self-proclaimed Plant Mom.  


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