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Steps to Literacy Catalogs
The following are the most recent Steps To Literacy catalogs. These are the best ways to familiarize yourself with our products and what we do.

2023 Steps to Literacy Catalog (English)

Flyers & Brochures
The following are a collection of items that we have used in the past to advertise new collections. These flyers should be used to understand our product line, but do not reflect 2022 pricing and are currently being updated. 

Steps to Literacy Product Types
Traditionally, Steps to Literacy packaging comes in four variations:

Classroom Library
A Classroom Library is a selection of titles that are packed and organized by GRL (Guided Reading Level) into a complimentary plastic book bin that is labeled with its contents.  Each Classroom Library contains 1 copy of each title.


A Bookroom is a selection of titles that are packed and organized by GRL into complimentary labeled plastic book bins with each title. There are 6 copies of each title, and each set of six is bundled in a resealable plastic bag.


Variety Pack

A Variety Pack is a collection of titles that are placed in a resealable weather resistant plastic bag that is labeled with its contents. Each Variety Pack contains 1 copy of each title.


Class Pack

Similar to a Variety Pack, a Class Pack contains 6 copies of each title. Each 6-Pack is labeled with its title and the entire the collection is bundled together. 

Guided Reading Levels
There are multiple ways that schools may denote what age a book is appropriate for. The following chart reflects the guidelines we use when building collections. 


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