The Steps to Literacy Ambassador Program


Join Our Team! You are invited to join the Steps To Literacy Ambassador Program and you can have the opportunity for long-term income. We are looking for teachers, literacy coordinators, literacy volunteers, stay-at-home parents and all people passionate about helping teach kids about the joys of reading. 

Steps to Literacy is a family-owned company selling classroom libraries and learning materials to schools in all 50 states.  We are passionate about books and dedicated to literacy. We care deeply about the impact our book selections and classroom library materials have on schools, teachers, and students.

If accepted into our Ambassador Program you will receive a unique Referral Code that provides your customers an additional 5% off in addition to our traditional 25%. That's a 30% savings and Free Shipping!  And you will receive a 10% commission for all sales that come in under your code!

If you think you would be a great fit, please fill out the information below.

Have more questions? Check our FAQ below!



How much will I make?
You will receive 10% commission on all sales that you generate. There's no limit to how much you can earn as an Ambassador.

Are there any bonuses?
There is a $100 bonus when you sell your first $1,000 of products.

Why would customers buy from me and not directly from you?
We always sell at 25% off; your customers will get an extra 5%! That's 30% off and free shipping!

How will you track my sales?
Your unique code must be on an order for you to receive commission on it. There is a $30 order minimum for all Ambassador orders.

Can I use my code for buying things myself?
You sure can! You can use your code and the sale will still count to your commission. We appreciate you.

How is the commission calculated?
Your monthly commission will be paid on net sales once the order has been paid.

What are my responsibilities?
To sell our unique classroom libraries & materials, identify and connect with potential customers, educate them about Steps products, and remain connected with Steps on social media.

How will I learn about your products?
We'll train you! Online training, PDFs, and webinars are all coming and will be available to you.

Why might my application not be approved?
Unfortunately, this program is not available in certain zip codes. 

If I'm accepted, what's next?
If you are approved, we will send you an Independent Contractor Agreement for your signature as well as a W-9 for tax purposes.

How long will it take for my customers to receive their order?
Our libraries are all custom kitted and the books are purchased to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for kitting and delivery.

What marketing initiatives does Steps use to support its Ambassadors?

  • We currently have an online digital catalog as well as flyers to support sales, but more will be coming soon! We can even create custom flyers for larger opportunities
  • Google Paid Search campaigns continuously to support the brand
  • Sales contests and offer regular opportunities for bonuses
  • Generated email campaigns, social content, and offer giveaways

Will there be any further incentives?
Sales contests and bonuses are in the works to keep everyone motivated.

I have another question not listed here...
Feel free to email any and all questions to ambassador@stepstoliteracy.com 

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