Time Warp Trio Collection: Variety Pack

$26.96 $35.94
ISBN: 9781595641182

Includes 6 unique titles from the series. Travel back in time with this adventuresome trio as they encounter gross-smelling giants, stampedes, wooly mammoths and more. Tongue-in-cheek humor laced with clever story lines makes for laugh-out-loud reading. 55 - 70 pp.

Title List:

  • Knights Of The Kitchen Table
  • Summer Reading Is Killing Me!
  • The Good, The Bad, And The Goofy
  • The Not-So-Jolly Roger
  • Tut, Tut
  • Your Mother Was A Neanderthal

Min GRL: P

Max GRL: P

Fiction / Non-Fiction: Fiction

Language: English

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