Red Rocket Readers Guided Reading Level A: Class Pack

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ISBN: 9781642401851

Red Rocket Readers are carefully designed to support children through the use of controlled natural language and appropriately sized, well-spaced, easy-to-read type. Developed by literacy specialist Pam Holden, Reading Recovery author, Red Rocket Readers have authentic teaching experience built in to every feature. With strong characters, humor, and defined plots, combined with graduated word recognition and language development, these are wonderful stories that children will really enjoy! Red Rocket Readers feature colorful, entertaining illustrations, and photographs that support the text, launch oral discussion, and develop student comprehension. The classic story structure of tension, climax, and resolution, ensures children will want to engage with the texts.

Title List:

  • At School
  • Balloons Fly By
  • Dress-up Day
  • Get Moving!
  • Looking at Bugs
  • Naughty Goldilocks
  • Noisy Traffic
  • Our Toy Box
  • Sea Life
  • Who Has Stripes?

Min GRL: A

Max GRL: A

Fiction / Non-Fiction: Mixed

Language: English

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