Take Home Reading Bag: Gr.6, High-Interest Nonfiction (eng, $50)

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Inspire curiosity in your young reader with High-Interest Nonfiction collections. Engaging topics like extreme sports, deadly animals, and modern tech will encourage them to read and research even more. Paired with a Nonficiton Journal in K-2 and a blank journal in 3-6, this bag is perfect for students who are practicing their independent nonfiction reading and writing skills. (** Product image is for placement purposes only, titles may vary)

Title List:

  • Asking Questions about How Hollywood Movies Get Made
  • Breaking Barriers: The Story Of Jackie Robinson
  • Color Splash Pencil - Single
  • Composition Notebook
  • Creatures Of The Deep
  • Fatal Faults: The Story of the Challenger Explosion
  • High Interest NF Bag Insert
  • Houston We've Had A Problem: The Story Of The Apollo 13 Disaster
  • Neon Drawstring Backpack (Single)
  • Space Robots
  • World War II: An Interactive History Adventure

Min GRL: T

Max GRL: Z

Fiction / Non-Fiction: Nonfiction

Language: English

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