Fifth Grade Genre Collection High-Interest Nonfiction: Variety Pack

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ISBN: 9781682887059

At Steps to Literacy, our goal is to help cultivate a student's love for reading. Our Choice and Voice collections are curated to showcase new, exciting, and diverse books with interesting stories and impacting visuals. We encourage all students have a voice and a choice in the books that they read. Our libraries and collections are built to entice students to learn more about themselves and the world they live in. Instill a lifelong interest in reading with this thought-provoking Fifth Grade genre library. Mature readers will love exploring picture books appropriate for their age or become enthralled in a biography about a relevant figure.

Title List:

  • Aliens and UFOs
  • Apple
  • Be An Actor
  • Calling His Shot: Babe Ruth's Legendary Home Run
  • Conspiracies: Who's Hiding What?
  • Design a Better Backpack
  • Gareth's Guide to Becoming a Deep-Sea Explorer
  • My New Home After Syria
  • Sports Technology: Cryotheraphy, LED Courts, and More
  • Stickmen's Guide to Cities in Layers
  • And 10 more titles ...

Min GRL: Q

Max GRL: X

Fiction / Non-Fiction: Nonfiction

Language: English

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